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CCI has been succeeded in publishing the above directory which is covering details data and
information from medium up-to large scale of some 1,026 companies engaging in the field
of PACKAGING industries throughout Indonesia

Packaging Manufacturers Products Index
-Glass Packaging
-Metal Packaging
-Paper and Carton Packaging
-Tetra Packaging
-Plastic Packaging
-Flexible Packaging

Each company is unveiled its important data and information starts from:

Name of Company > Full Address > Date of Establishment >Legal Status > Category > Permit (s) > Lines of Business > Production Capacity > Capitalization > Shareholder (s) > Total Investment > Bankers, >Started >Operation > Total of Employees >Supervisory Board > Board of
Management > Associated Companies and the Remarks.

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Product Description

Packaging Industry and Business In Indonesia as if nothing had receded by recession
now impacted European Continent and the United State of America. Packaging industry
leans to keep evolving to follow market demand which is increasing especially domestic
market. As an industry that has make-to-order characteristic, various types of packaging
look more attractive, innovative and creative to offset the desires of market demand is likely
to continue to grow in number.
Packaging industry is requested to do more innovative, creative and more efficiency in its
operational, above all in the recent declining trend of global economic condition. The
decreasing trend of Crude Oil price recently expected making a positive impact to the
growth of packaging industry.
Packaging these days is not just only serves as a wrapper of products, but its purpose has
change to be a media of delivering information and promotion for products that are
packaged besides its main function as protection, insulation, comfort, logistic and market
function for the products that are packaged. Packaging materials are also more flexible in
the term of innovative and attractive.


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