Indonesia Titanium Dioxide Import Development

The import of Titanium dioxide is still being carried out by Indonesia with a large volume and value due to the development of the titanium dioxide industry and on the other hand the construction of the plant has not yet been realized.

Based on the Central Statistics Agency’s import record, in 2014 the volume of imported titanium dioxide Indonesia was 85,784 tons with a value of US$ 234,460 thousand, a year later it rose to 86,531 tons worth US$ 211,082 thousand.

The volume of imports of Titanium dioxide Indonesia in 2016 increased again by around 12.94% or to 97,731 tons worth US$ 217,648 thousand. Likewise, imports in 2017 rose to 106,322 tons worth US$ 289,292 thousand. Meanwhile, in 2018 imports dropped to 101,890 tons, however the value rose to US$ 300,594 thousand.

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