Indonesian ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE Industry Development


Industry & Marketing Prospect of ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect Of ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE In Indonesia, After a long wait, Indonesia is finally able to produce aluminium hydroxide through PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina (Full Profile of PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina will be presented on Company Profile). Its factory began commercial operations in January 2015 with a production capacity of 166,000 tons per year.

As a pioneer of Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) industry in Indonesia, PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina is now a driving force for the development of the competitiveness and added value of alumina-based industries in Indonesia in the future.

All needs of aluminium hydroxide in Indonesia market no longer rely on imported products after the production of aluminium hydroxide by PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina. Even Indonesia has succeeded in exporting aluminium hydroxide in considerable amount.

Although the performance of the aluminium hydroxide user industry in Indonesia in recent years is not so fast, but overall the need for aluminium hydroxide in Indonesia is still growing. BIZTEKA predicts the growing need of aluminium hydroxide within the next five years.

The development of the aluminium hydroxide industry in Indonesia and the development of its consumption and prospects in the future will be fully reviewed in this edition in the Industrial Profile.

This report is prepared based on the results of interviews with various parties, among others, PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina, chemical and industrial distributor of aluminium hydroxide users as primary data. While secondary data is obtained from relevant government agencies such as; BPS, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade and data bank of BIZTEKA-PT. CCI.