Study on the Business Prospect of HOSPITAL in Indonesia


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Study on the Business Prospect of HOSPITAL in Indonesia, P.T. CCI has been succeeded in preparing and publishing a comprehensive study titled mentioned above. We observed that the business in the field of healthcares have kept on increasing included hospital, medical equipment, pharmaceutical as well as health insurance.

As a means of health care, the Indonesian hospitals have increased either its population, number of bed, service rate or its penetration up to the district/city in Indonesia. Initially, most of the hospitals were managed by government of Indonesia. However, nowadays there were many investors joined in the health care business. The blooming of investors plunged into the sector because of tempted by the development of patient’s income and number that have kept on mounting along with the good quality of service need. The completed service need could be indicated by amount of patients gone aboard for treatment.

Based on the business study, can be seen that the development of Indonesian hospital in 2009 – 2013 increased 10.13% averagely per year. In 2009, the total of hospital as many as 1,523 units, then kept on going up to 2013 as many as 2,226 units. Additional, the development of inpatients kept on increasing at 16.58% averagely per year since 2009 as many as 8.4 million people to 15.5 million people in 2013. The report estimated that the development of inpatient’s income increased 20.5% averagely per year as of Rp. 45.8 trillion to Rp. 94.8 trillion in 2013. The study consists of 226 pages is available in Indonesia or English edition

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