Study on Business Prospect of INDONESIA’S PEPPER EXPORT & Main Players in Global Market, 2022
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Study on Business Prospect of INDONESIA’S PEPPER EXPORT & Main Players in Global Market, 2022. Based on data collected by PT. Citra Cendekia Indonesia from various competent sources, the international market value  of both white and black pepper  in 2020 reached Rp15.76 trillion. The international market value  was estimated to rise  to Rp20.38 trillion.  In the past 20 years (2002-2021) world’s pepper imports grew  3.4% on the average annually. The  trend should encourage pepper growers in Indonesia.

Based on the past trend, the world’s demand for pepper is predicted to grow 5.4% annually on the average in volume that in 2026, the world’s imports are estimated to reach 530,000 tons.

It would not be ease for Indonesia to make use of the growing demand for pepper in the coming years amid strong competition especially from Vietnam and Brazil. In addition, the regional administrations of the producing regions like Bangka Belitung and Lampung have shown no much interested in developing their regional potentials to increase production and exports of their pepper.

Barring extreme climate that could cause harvest failure in major producing countries including Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, and Cambodia, pepper prices would remain stable in the next five years. That is a rough description in the study report about   the condition of international pepper market


PT. CITRA CENDEKIA INDONESIA (CCI) is an independent business consultant specially on Business Consulting, in August 2022,  succeeded in carrying out  and publishing comprehensive study on prospects of business in pepper exports from Indonesia. The study report is complete with  data of main players in the global market. Now the book is available in soft copy


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