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Business Prospects of PAINT CHEMICAL Material In Indonesia

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Business Prospects of PAINT CHEMICAL Material In Indonesia, In 2014 domestic paint production was recorded at 838.901 tons, then in 2015 it increased by 883,375 tons or grew by 5.30%. In 2016 production rose again to reach 892,368 tons. Production increased in 2018 to 986,752 tons. The paint industry is one of the industrial sectors that continues to grow because of the use of various sectors, such as construction, automotive and other housing. In recent years, innovation has evolved to produce products with excellent quality and safety as well as dozens of color variants that are very attractive to consumers.

The Indonesian Paint Producers Association (APCI) said that the demand for exterior and interior paint in Indonesia experienced a positive trend along with the increase in the domestic infrastructure industry such as property, offices, hotels & restaurants, apartments and others.

The development of the paint industry requires increasing demand for paint chemicals. Paint chemicals include pigments, binders and solvents. The market opportunity for paint chemicals is increasingly wide open and very promising.

The problem is the extent to which these needs can be met considering that so far there are still many imports of paint chemicals because domestic production has not been able to fulfill them. In fact, some paint chemical producers stopped production because they were unable to compete with imported products.

BIZTEKA is interested in discussing the prospects and marketing of paint chemicals in Indonesia. This report is compiled based on primary data obtained from interviews with producers of paint chemicals in Indonesia, and secondary data obtained from government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry. Ministry of Trade, Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), and the others.