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FOOD & DRINK PRODUCTS’ TOP BRAND Directory in Indonesia, 2015

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FOOD & DRINK PRODUCTS’ TOP BRAND Directory In Indonesia, 2015

P.T. CITRA CENDEKIA INDONESIA (CCI) is one of the independent consultancy business services company in the field of Business Consultancy (BC), Company Information Services (CIS) and Engineering Consultancy (EC) – always strives to encourage business environment in Indonesia by preparing comprehensive, accurate, reliable business study, feasibility study, company profile directory and other business information which is indispensable in the term of establishing, developing and maintaining their business amidst increasingly fierce competition.

According to the Indonesia Food and Beverage Entrepreneur Association head – set a sales target in 2014 that would reach Rp. 850 trillion, grew 6% of Rp. 800 trillion in 2013. The amount is containing of the domestic market grew 6% to Rp. 790 trillion and the export increased 10% to US$ 5.2 million. Furthermore, total investment in this sector would continue flowing in 2014, which was expected to increase Rp. 45 trillion, higher than Rp. 40 trillion in 2013.

Besides the great of sales and investment, BRAND is very important thing in the food and beverage business especially in the sales. Proven in some products with top brands, they can market the products easier although slightly expensive. It can be gone on due to the brand is fine and the quality is controlled well. Therefore, the brand also can increase the sales highly. Anyone will not give a brand name at random without giving care and developing it further. The brand is extremely important, particularly when we go through world market. At this time being, there are so many foreign brands have already come into Indonesia market by cooperating with local companies. They could be easier to penetrate Indonesian market due to have had internationally strong brands image.

By the fact and the figures above, we do strive to prepare and publish the above directory in the last of January 2015. Each company is unveiled its important data and information starting from :

  • Name of Company
  • Full Address (Office & Factory)
  • Date of Establishment
  • Legal Status
  • Category
  • Permit (s)
  • Lines of Business
  • Brand Name
  • Capitalization
  • Shareholders
  • Total Investment
  • Bankers
  • Started Operation
  • Total Employees
  • Supervisory Board
  • Board of Management
  • Associated Companies and Remarks.

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