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Industry & Marketing Prospect of LUBRICANT OIL in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of LUBRICANT OIL in Indonesia, Oil or lubricant business in Indonesia continues to grow as automotive and transportation markets continue to grow from motorcycles to airplanes, trains and ships and the manufacturing sector. Inevitably foreign players continue to arrive and the competition continues to change.

Competition in the lubricant market lately looks very tight. This indication appears from the increasing number of brands of lubricants on the market. The lubricant is not only produced domestically but also imported lubricants, which are owned by large principals.

The entry of imported lubricants is fueled by the liberalization of lubricant oil that has been started since February 14, 2001, through Presidential Decree No. 21/2001 on the Provision and Service of Lubricants. With the enactment of the Presidential Decree, Pertamina no longer obtains the privilege of producing and marketing lubricant oil.
This condition encourages the entry of other products from abroad,Pertamina market which previously dominated 85% market share of lubricants in the country is now only 45-50%. Factually Pertamina is still a market leader yet can not be defeated by its competitors.

Since Pertamina’s monopoly rights were removed several overseas manufacturers flooded the local market including Top One, Shell Helix, Caltex, BP, United, Unicorn, Capiro, Millennium, and BFT and most recently the Petronas under the Syntyum brand. The tight competition that comes from imported products and also domestic similar products make Pertamina start to make innovations and new strategies in maintaining the market.

In Indonesia there are about 250 brands of lubricants, which circulate in the domestic market, both local and foreign brands. Various global brands are like Sheel, Castrol Power 1, Motul, Top One, BM1 Fusch, Agip, Syntium, Adnoc, Valvoline, Krieger, Chevron, Total, and Idemitsu from Japan. While the national private products are Evalube, Penlube, CGI, Fuji, and United.

Given the tight competition conditions in the lubricant industry, BIZTEKA is interested to discuss it further in this industry profile. This report will discuss the extent to which lubricant oil needs in Indonesia, including production, exports, imports and consumption as well as the prospects for the marketing of lubricants in the future.