Indonesian PROPYLENE GLYCOL Industry Growth


Industry & Marketing Prospect of PROPYLENE GLYCOL In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of PROPYLENE GLYCOL in Indonesia, Propylene glycol is a chemical product that has many functions in the industry. In addition to the raw materials of unsaturated polyester resin, propylene glycol is used as a moisturizer in the cosmetics industry, toothpaste, hair care, soap industry, food solvents, drug mixtures, cigarettes, as well as plasticizer, anti-freeze and others.

Demand for propylene glycol has declined in 2014 and 2015 as a result of the slowing down of the national economy, but slowly its demand in Indonesia has climbed in line with the improving national economy which has a positive effect on the performance of propylene glycol industry users in the country. So the need for propylene glycol in the country in the coming years is expected to continue to grow.

Although domestic demand has been relatively high and has tended to rise in the last two years, but until early 2018 propylene glycol has not yet been produced domestically, so the entire need for local industries still relies on imported supplies. Sources from the Investment Coordinating Board informed that there is no single investor interested in this sector of industry.

BIZTEKA is interested to review more about the prospect of propylene glycol industry and marketing in Indonesia given its large potential and the absence of interested investors in this sector. The Industry Profile will discuss the development of propylene glycol supply and demand in the local market, its import and export, as well as its market prospects in the next five years.