Indonesian pulp and paper industry Development


Industry & Marketing Prospect of PULP & PAPER CHEMICALS in Indonesia

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Indonesia Pulp Paper Chemical Industry, the pulp and paper industry is one of the industry sectors that is a priority in the medium term development plan (RJPM). This policy is based on several supporting factors such as tropical Indonesia’s climate so it is possible for the development of wood crops as the main raw material of the pulp industry. Another factor is Indonesia’s paper per-capita consumption is still very small compared to other countries.

In addition, demand for pulp and paper in the world market is still quite large and tends to increase. Whereas Indonesia’s pulp and paper prices are known to have the cheapest price compared to other country’s products. With comparative advantages and competitive as well as market opportunities that are still open, the pulp and paper industry in Indonesia has a good enough prospect to be developed.

The development of the pulp and paper industry will certainly have a big effect on the demand of chemicals such as Caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, calcium carbonate, and modified starch in the future.

The huge market potential encouraged BIZTEKA to discuss further on the prospects for the industry and marketing of pulp and paper industry chemicals in Indonesia. The report also discussed the development of supply and demand, prices and market opportunities in the next five years.

This report is prepared based on primary and secondary data. Primary data are obtained from interviews with producers of pulp and paper chemicals in Indonesia, chemical distributors and the user industries. Secondary data are obtained from relevant government institutions such as the Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association (APKI), Central Bureau of Statistics, Investment Coordinating Board and data banks in BIZTEKA-CCI.