Study on Business Prospect of INDONESIA’S WOOD PELLET EXPORT in Global Market, 2022

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[sg_popup id=”5129″ event=”click”][/sg_popup]Commitment of various countries to taking part in coping with the problem over irregular climate changes, as a result of global warming, has resulted triggered demand for wood pellets, which are considered environmentally safe source of energy.

In line with the commitment to reducing the use of fossil energy in favor of New and Renewable Energy, changes in energy policy have taken place in many countries using wood pellets instead of coal to fuel power plants.

Using wood pellets is considered more efficient and wood pellets are one of the cleanest sources of energy available in the market at present. Wood pellets have little water content that they are easily burned.

Using wood pellets could turn out around 8,000 to 9,000 BTU/lb, that they are energy efficient fuels for room heating, commercial uses or industrial use as well as good alternative to replace coal.

Therefore, many countries notably industrialized nations have used wood pellets instead of coal. In the past ten years the world’s imports of wood pellets grew strongly by 14% annually – from 8.84 million tons in 2012 to 28.5 million tons in 2021.

In the World 2021, West European countries as the largest users of wood pellets. Unfortunately Indonesia has failed to expand wood pellet market to the potential market of West Europe although Indonesian products are more competitive in price. Indonesian wood pellets are offered at much lower prices than those from the United States and Canada, which are the main suppliers of wood pellets to Europe. The Indonesian products are also more competitive facing the products of Vietnam, which is the main Indonesia’s rival suppliers in southeast Asia. 

More information about Wood Pellet Business Prospects in the World Market, can be found in the Study on Business Prospect of


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