Indonesian AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS Directory, 2013

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Indonesian AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS Directory
The 745 page directory and consist of some 1,239 companies

Automotive industry in Indonesia has an increasing significantly in the last five years marked by its satisfy trend of demand. The automotive industry especially four-wheel vehicles come back again to incise in achieving its production at 33.5% compared to the same period of the previous year. The automotive business players are optimistic that national automotive industry will be the foremost nearly in the ASEAN Regional.

Due to the great market potential in Indonesia has encouraged most of the Brand Holder Agent (APM) to increase their investment in the automotive industry by added its production capacities as well as the production lines in the market. The APM’s agressive movement has created the automotive industry to be one of the greatest contributor to national GDP.

The automotive industry has a contribution to Land Transportation’s rate of development in Indonesia, as can be seen upto 2011 that the Land Transportation’s contribution reached to Rp. 140.6 trillion.

As seen from the development of automotive population in Indonesia since 2006 up to 2010, found that average population growth at 5% per year.The most rapid rate was motorcycle at 17.6%, followed by bus at 11% and truck at 7% as well as passanger car at 6.7% per year.
One of the automotive link is component industry. The local component industry up to 2012 is look like to supply national automotive industry demand as imported substitute and not exported yet. Some 90% of local automotive component industry absorbed by local market and not exported yet.

Automotive industry decided by two kinds, namely component market for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), is a component market for automotive assembling and after sales component market especially for maintenance and replacement. Thanks to the increasing of production and population as to automotive component was developed well for the some last years mainly on the after sales component market. Although overshadowed by imported product, the automotive component market for the after sales component market is still wide-open and keep on growing.

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