Indonesian Building Construction Materials Directory 2018


Product Description

Indonesian Building Construction Materials Directory 2018

The prospects for the building and construction material industry in Indonesia remains bright. Currently, Indonesia’s building and construction market ranks number one in ASEAN and fourth in  Asia after China, Japan, and India. Moreover, in 2018 the Indonesian government has set a target
to increase investment in this sector to 370 trillion IDR. The sector currently employs 170,000 direct laborers and two million indirect workers. Its contribution to Indonesia’s GDP was 10.38% or ranked fourth after the industrial, agriculture, and trade sectors.

Based on the above positive phenomenon, our company – P.T. Citra Cendekia Indonesia – has been encouraged to compile and publish a complete directory as a business reference in monitoring or developing a mutual beneficial cooperation with Indonesian trading and distributor companies.

The directory provides each company profile that will be furnished with precious information and data such as :
Name of Company
Full Address (Office & Factory)
Date of Establishment
Legal Status
Permit (s)
Lines of Business
Production Capacity
Total Investment
Started Operation
Total Employees
Supervisory Board
Board of Management
Associated Companies

Comprising of 938 companies and covers 640 pages is only available in English edition

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