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Indonesian CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER Directory, 2017

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Indonesian CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER Directory, 2017

CCI has been succeeded in publishing (“Indonesian CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER Directory, 2017”) the above directory which is covering details data and information from medium up-to large scale of some 933 companies engaging in the field of chemical Industries operating throughout Indonesia.

The several examples of index products :

-Acrylamide Monomer, -Acrylic Compound, -Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), -Activated Carbon
-Adhesive (Glue), -Alcohol, -Alkyd Resin, -Alkyl Benzene (AB), -Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate and Etc
Each company is unveiled its important data and information starts from :

  • Name of Company
  • Full Address
  • Date of Establishment
  • Legal Status
  • Category
  • Permit (s)
  • Lines of Business
  • Production Capacity
  • Capitalization
  • Shareholder (s)
  • Total Investment
  • Bankers, Started Operation
  • Total of Employees
  • Supervisory Board
  • Board of Management
  • Associates Companies and the Remarks

Even the chemical industry has suffered a slowdown in the past several years, however based on Indonesia Investment Realization, chemical industry sector included the secondary sector in 2011-2015 increased  rapidly to 27,8% per year averagely. In 2015, investment realization of secondary sector reached IDR 247,8 trillion or some  43% of Indonesia Investment Realization at amount of  IDR 574,7 trillion. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry occupied the second largest contributor rank under metal and machinery industry at amount of IDR 47.1 trillion.

Condition on the past five year seems to still lasted until the first semester of 2016 which reached IDR 285,5 trillion consist of Domestic  Investment at IDR 102,5 trillion and Foreign Investment at IDR 183 trillion. In the period, chemical and pharmaceutical industry occupied the third largest rank at  IDR 29,2 trillion laid under paper and food industry. The Foreign Investment in chemical and pharmaceutical industry which reached IDR 20,1 trillion was much more than Domestic Investment which was amount of IDR 9,1 trillion.

Monitoring Indonesia Investment Realization in chemical industry which is expected to keep on rising onward, P.T. CITRA CENDEKIA INDONESIA – an independent consultancy business services company in the field of Business Consultancy (BC), Company Information Services (CIS) and Engineering Consultancy (EC)  always strives to encourage business environment in Indonesia by preparing comprehensive, accurate, reliable business study, feasibility study, company profile directory and other business information which is indispensable in the term of establishing, developing and maintaining their business amidst increasingly fierce competition – has succeed to compile and publish a new business directory titled Indonesian CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER Directory, 2017. The directory contains valued data and information on middle and large scale chemical manufacturer companies scatter all over Indonesia.


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