Indonesia Containered Drinking Water (AMDK) Industry Market Development


Industry & Marketing Prospect of Containered Drinking Water (AMDK) in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of Containered Drinking Water (AMDK) in Indonesia, The bottled mineral water industry (AMDK) is developing very rapidly in recent years. This development is marked by the presence of new companies with various brands that make the competition in this industry becomes very tight.

The main factor of the rapid growth of this industry is the increasing need for hygienic drinking water as the population growth in Indonesia reaches 1.33% per year. As the population increases, the need for clean drinking water increases.

However, the availability of safe and hygiene drinking water is increasingly difficult to obtain. Because the clean water service is still very far from expected, people in several cities in Indonesia are getting used to consume AMDK that is considered able to meet their needs on clean drinking water.

Due to the large demand for AMDK, many companies enter the AMDK industry with various brands. No less than 2000 brands of AMDK from 700 companies registered in BPOM until 2016. In terms of production and exports, the industry is also experiencing significant growth.

However, since 2003 competition in the AMDK industry has been increasing with the emergence of refined drinking-water refill depots (AMIU) using simpler filtration with an average selling price of 30% of the average price of AMDK. Many AMDK companies evaluate sales in gallon form. On the other hand, the bottled drinking water industry will also be subject to the import duty of plastic beans, this will affect the production cost.
Seeing the interesting phenomenon in this industry (AMDK) in this country, BIZTEKA is encouraged to discuss more about Industrial Prospect and Marketing of Drinking Water in Packaging in Indonesia.

This report is prepared based on two sources, namely primary and secondary data. Primary data are obtained from the bottled water industry players in Indonesia and the Indonesian Association of Water Packaging Companies (ASPADIN). While secondary data are obtained from related government agencies such as the Central Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Trade and data banks in BIZTEKA – CCI.