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Indonesian FOOD and DRINK Directory, Based on the Indonesia Ministry of Industry, in 2020 food and drink industry (mamin) performance were still growing at 1.58%. While in the first quarter (l/2021) grew at 2.4% and 5-6% in second quarter (ll/2021).

Indonesia government is very optimistic on the food and drink industry performance will continue to growth in the mid of Covid-19 pandemic. This is because food and drink (mamin) are always needed by community and have even proven support the resilience of the national economy.

Based on the above phenomenon, in September 2021, P.T. CITRA CENDEKIA INDONESIA (CCI) has succeeded to provide Indonesian food and drink companies’ data/information in the form of book directory.

Each of company’s profile performs valued data/information included :

<> Name of Company
<> Full Address
<> Date of Establishment
<> Legal Status
<> Category
<> Permit  (s)
<> Lines  of  Business
<> Name of Product (branch)
<> Capitalization
<> Shareholder  (s)
<> Total  Investment
<> Bankers,
<> Started  Operation
<> Total  of Employees
<> Supervisory Board
<> Board of Management
<> Associates Companies and  the Remarks.

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