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Indonesian HOME APPLIANCE MANUFACTUERS Directory, 2019

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HOME APPLIANCE INDUSTRY IN INDONESIA either categorized into electronic home appliance or non-electronic home appliance such as plastic, wood, rattan, metal as well as ceramic have enjoyed a good development, thanks to keep increasing trend on required by household, office, household, hotel/restaurant and others.

The demand increasing is not only due to the rising in needs but  also by the people purchasing power in general is going up. In the other hand, the continuously of innovation by the producers to increase the products quality.

Based on the International Business monitor survey in 2015, Indonesia is included to be one of 5 developing countries that has a middle-class population with stronger potential in 2015 – 2030.

In 2018, Indonesia economy went up to 5.17 % greater than 5.07% in 2017 and expected to increase again in 2019. Additional, by more than 250 million people or the 4th ranked of the world, Indonesia is still a huge market as well as an investment destination that come in line to play in developing domestic home appliance industry. It means the home appliance in Indonesia  has been developing well and will keep growing in the next future.

Each company is unveiled its important data and information starts from : Name of Company <> Full   Address <> Date of Establishment <>Legal Status <> Category <> Permit (s) <> Lines of Business <> Production Capacity <> Capitalization <> Shareholder (s) <> Total Investment <> Bankers, Started Operation <> Total of Employees <> Supervisory Board <> Board of Management <> Associated Companies and the Remarks.