Indonesian MARITIME BUSINESS Directory 2014

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Indonesian MARITIME BUSINESS Directory 2014
We realize that Indonesia is  the biggest islands state in the world and has a marine that is wide enough reaching about 5.8 million km2. The archipelagic waters/sea of Indonesia has about 2.3 million km2, territorial waters as long as 0.8 million km. with some 13,466 islands and has a coastline as long as 100,000 km which is the second longest in the world after Canada.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesian exports have increased 5.6 percent annually in the past five years in volume and 3.9 percent in value. In 2010, the country’s exports totaled 478.8 million tons up to an estimated 567.4 million tons in 2014. By means of transport, sea transport dominated exports accounting for around 97% in 2013 with air transport accounting for only 3%. In 2013, most exports were made via ports outside Java as minerals from the outer regions dominated the country’s export commodities.

Similarly, imports into Indonesia in the past five years have increased 5.3% annually in volume and in 2010, imports totaled 110.7 million tons up to an estimated 134.7 million in 2014.

Indonesian MARITIME BUSINESS Directory 2014
Same as the transport of goods, maritime business is also still potential in the country for passenger transport despite declining trend in the number of sea passengers over the past decade. In 2010, the number of domestic departures from 5 major ports in the country totaled 1.3 million with Tanjung Perak of Surabaya recorded the largest number of 467,000 passengers. In 2014, the number of departures is forecast to reach 1.2 million passengers.

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