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Indonesian Paper & Printing Material Directory, The Indonesia pulp & Paper Association (APKI), said that total paper production in Indonesia stood at 6 million tons in 2013. Almost half of this total paper output was produced by Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP). In 2014, Indonesia’s total paper output may reach 8 million tons mainly on increased production of Sinar Mas which opened a new pulp and paper factory in Palembang (South Sumatera) earllier this year.

Additional, according to the “World-wide Market for Print : Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry” study-conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)-Indonesia’s print products market continues as a power player in the entire Asia-Pacific region and globally. Indonesia’s overall score in the EIU’s business environmental ranking is projected to continue to rise through 2017.

By the fact and the figures above, we do strive to prepare and publish the above directory in the last of May 2015. Each company is unveiled its important data and information starting from :

-Name of Company
-Full Address (Office & Factory)
-Date of Establishment
-Legal Status
-Permit (s)
-Lines of Business
-Production Capacity
-Total Investment
-Started Operation
-Total Employees
-Supervisory Board
-Board of Management
-Associated Companies and Remarks