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Prospect Industry and Market of GYPSUM in Indonesia
Bizteka Business Journal-054/April/2020

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Currently gypsum as a building material is used to make gypsum boards and plywood visiting profiles from wood. Gypsum boards and profiles are one of the finished products after the gypsum material is processed through a fabrication process into flour. Gypsum boards & profiles are used as an element of partition walls and ceilings for high-rise buildings, apartments, and ordinary houses.

From the survey results conducted by Bizteka, until now there is no company that has specifically managed or produced gypsum raw material. The development of the gypsum user industry sector in Indonesia has shown a significant increase, especially the cement industry. This has resulted in damage to the supply and demand for gypsum in the country. Even though Indonesia has produced gypsum, to meet the needs of the domestic gypsum user industry it still has to come from other countries. Even so, starting in 1985, Indonesia has exported gypsum to neighboring countries. Meanwhile, gypsum mines in Indonesia can be found in North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Cirebon, Kalianget, and West Nusa Tenggara.

Based on the conditions of the gypsum market as mentioned above, to see to what extent the behavior and developments in terms of supply, demand and price of gypsum, along with the factors that influence them, have conducted evaluation and analysis, and made market forecasts in future until 2024 and has published it in the BIZTEKA journal entitled “Industrial Prospects and Marketing of GIPSUM in Indonesia”. Based on this analysis, it can be seen to what extent the development of the gypsum industry in Indonesia and its consumption and the steps that need to be taken and to overcome them, either by the government or the private sector.

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