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Industry & Marketing Prospect of ANIMAL FEED in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of ANIMAL FEED in Indonesia, Indonesia’s population continues to grow and by 2016 had reached more than 256 million people, it is a huge market potential for livestock products; meat, eggs and fish. The livestock industry in the country is required to meet the consumption and has an impact on the needs of the growing animal feed. Animal feed business in Indonesia will certainly continue to grow in the future, because of the availability of adequate food both in quality and sustainable feed distribution.

Animal feed business growth led to the establishment of new factories spread in Indonesia, in addition to the expansion of the old factories that have already operated. Until 2016, the animal feed industry is still facing obstacles such as availability of raw materials that are still largely imported. But because the market is very promising that the industry is still growing well.

Its potential market led BIZTEKA to explore more deeply on Feed Industry Prospects in Indonesia. In this industry profile, BIZTEKA will review supply and demand started from feed cattle, the projected consumption, to future market opportunity in the following five years.

BIZTEKA-CCI use two sources, namely primary data and secondary data. Primary data is obtained from interviews with a number of animal feed producers and a number of farmers. While secondary data is obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Investment Coordinating Board / BKPM, Ministry of Industry, and the Association of Banks of existing data in BIZTEKA-CCI.