Industry and Marketing Prospect of CEMENT In Indonesia

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Industry and Marketing Prospect of CEMENT In Indonesia, The cement industry is a strategic industry needed to develop physical facilities and infrastructures which is increasing in line with the increased economic activity of society and national development. Availability of cement as a raw material for the construction of housing, roads, buildings, and infrastructure is needed to support the growth of the national economy. Thus, the continuity of its supply with stable price in the domestic market is one of the key factors of national sustainable development.

Indonesia’s cement industry has been growing, both in terms of the number of factories, production capacity, and production. Over the past few years, demand for cement in the country increased sharply due to infrastructure projects such as toll roads, docks, buildings, apartments, housing and others.

Seeing the large potential market, Bizteka encouraged to further review about industry prospects and marketing of cement in Indonesia. This study also discussed the development of cement consumption, pricing, distribution systems, projections of future consumption and the market opportunity in the next five years.

The writing of industry profile is based on two sources; primary data and secondary data. Primary data obtained from interviews with the cement manufacturers and distributors. While secondary data obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Investment Coordinating Board, the Indonesian Cement Association, and bank data of Bizteka-CCI.