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Industry & Marketing Prospect of Food Chemicals In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of Food Chemicals In Indonesia, The wheat flour product is now not only a meal of the urban community, but has penetrated into the countryside. Even the consumer is not only limited to the local market, but also the export market.

The development of the industry of wheat flour derivatives above would have a positive impact on the increased consumption of additive chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate, yeast, lecithine, benzoates and monosodium glutamate. It is predicted that the demand for additive chemicals in the future will grow larger, in line with the growing industry of wheat flour.

Such large market potentials encourage Bizteka-CCI to discuss further on the development of the additive chemicals industry in the food industry. This report presents the demand for each of the local food chemicals, prices and prospects for the next five years.

This report is prepared based on primary and secondary data. The primary data were obtained from interviews with producers of food chemicals in Indonesia, chemical distributors and the wearer industries. while secondary data is obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, Central Bureau of Statistics, Investment Coordinating Board and data banks in Bizteka – CCI.