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Industry & Marketing Prospect of INORGANIC ACID  in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of INORGANIC ACID  in Indonesia, Although the supply of raw materials remains a major obstacle, INORGANIC ACID industry, especially phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid developing quite well in the country. Besides the number of the company that continues to grow, the demand for all four INORGANIC ACIDS products tend to rise.

But unfortunately the large potential of domestic market is often used by foreign manufacturers with similar products flooding the local outlets with a fairly cheap price. As a result imports into Indonesia INORGANIC ACID sometimes soaring and interfere with the performance of the domestic manufacturers.

Moreover, there are a number of local and foreign investors who will build a new plant or expansion of downstream industries of INORGANIC ACID. Plus the Indonesian government’s determination to be self-sufficient in agricultural and plantation products, which will drive the need for national INORGANIC ACID.

Seeing the potential market of INORGANIC ACIDS group in domestic market is large enough that encourage BIZTEKA for further review regarding industry prospects and marketing of four products of INORGANIC ACID in the country. In this special report discussed about the development of supply and demand four products of INORGANIC ACID , price, investors and future investment opportunities for the next five years.

The INDUSTRY PROFILE report is based on primary data and secondary data. The primary data obtained through interviews BIZTEKA with a number of INORGANIC ACID compounds manufacturers, the chemical distributors and industrial users. While secondary data obtained from government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Investment Coordinating Board, as well as data on the bank BIZTEKA – PT. CCI.