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Industry & Marketing Prospect of INTERMEDIATE AROMATIC in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of INTERMEDIATE AROMATIC in Indonesia, Aromatic intermediate industries, such as: Maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, alkyl benzene, ethyl benzene, styrene monomer, and purified terephthalic acid have been long developing in Indonesia. Its large demand encourage the operating producers continued to improve their production capacity, so the existing capacity is above local market demand.

In line with the operation of the center aromatics project, the capacity utilization of aromatic intermediate industrial production is expected to be improved so that it can supply all the needs of the chemical intermediate in the domestic market and increasing the share of the export market.

The above conditions encourage BIZTEKA for further review regarding the prospects of aromatic intermediate industry in Indonesia. The INDUSTRY PROFILE report reviews the development of aromatic chemical intermediate supply and demand in local market, price and market opportunity over the next five years.

The report is based on interviews with aromatic intermediate chemical producers, distributors and industrial users as primary data. While secondary data is obtained from government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry,  the Investment Coordinating Board as well as the bank data in Bizteka-CCI