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Industry & Marketing Prospect Of PESTICIDE in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect Of PESTICIDE in Indonesia,The need for pesticides is increasing amid the diminishing agricultural land while the population of Indonesia continues to increase, so the need for food is also increasing.

To accelerate the development of the agricultural sector, the means of agricultural production (saprotan) including the pesticides should be easily obtained at a reasonable price. The ease of farmers to get pesticides will occur if domestic supply capability is always maintained and this condition will only be possible if the domestic pesticide industry continues to grow.

If observed in recent years, climate conditions in Indonesia are changing uncertainly and this has resulted in the vulnerability of agriculture to pests and diseases. As a result, pesticide consumption in the country is growing. The development of pesticide consumption is also triggered by the development of growing plantation sub-sector, especially oil palm plantation.

The role of pesticides in rescuing agricultural production from pests and plant diseases is still very large, especially when it has exceeded the threshold of control or economic. However, since pesticides are also at risk to human and environmental safety, the Government is obliged to manage the procurement, distribution and use of pesticides wisely.

From the demand side, it looks prospective, but there are some obstacles that reduce the growth rate of pesticide consumption, such as the increase of pesticide raw material price because most of them are still imported and also many false pesticides in circulation.
Looking at the above conditions, it encourages BIZTEKA to discuss more the prospect of pesticide industry and marketing in Indonesia. In this industry profile it is also discussed the development of supply and demand of local market pesticides, prices and market opportunities in Indonesia within the next five years.

This report is prepared based on two sources, namely primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from the existing pesticide producers in Indonesia, as well as the user industry. While secondary data were obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Central Bureau of Statistics, Investment Coordinating Board and data banks in BIZTEKA – PT. CCI.