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Industry & Marketing Prospect of STEEL in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of STEEL in Indonesia, The steel industry part of the basic metal industries included in the upstream industry is one of the strategic industries in Indonesia. This sector plays a major role in supplying the raw materials to development in various fields ranging from the provision of infrastructure (buildings, roads, bridges, electricity and telecommunications), the production of capital goods (machinery plant and supporting materials and spare parts), transportation (ships, trains along the tracks and automotive), up weapons.

Indonesia has a great potential to develop steel industry. Based on the data, Indonesia per capita steel consumption is still very low compared with neighboring countries in ASEAN. Indonesian steel consumption reached 61.6 kg per capita per year and ranks 6th among the ASEAN countries.

Coverage of the steel industry is very broad, ranging the values extending from upstream to downstream. Upstream starts from the process of mining products such as iron sand into iron ore and continued into pellets, a raw material for producing steel. Then the process in steel furnaces to produce middle-steel products as raw materials for downstream industries as an end product. The steel industry itself is a capital and technology intensive industry and requires skilled human resources and experts in planning the production process and machine settings optimally and efficiently.

Considering the wide scope of the steel industry, the report is confined to review the billet industry and its derivatives and does not discuss its downstream industries.

Development of Upstream Industry Production:
– Iron Ore Production
– Pig Iron Production
– Sponge Iron and Hot Briqueted Iron/HBI Production
– Scrap Production
Crude Steel Production