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Industry & Marketing Prospect of SYNTHETIC RUBBER In Indonesia

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Product Description

Industry & Marketing Prospect of SYNTHETIC RUBBER In Indonesia, the development of the tire, paper, carpet, mechanical rubber goods and footwear industry occurred in the last few years have impacted positively on the request of one of the raw materials / additives; synthetic rubber. So it is not surprising that the synthetic rubber industry is now growing in the country.

Of the four synthetic rubber reviewed in this industry profile, styrene butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene latex have been successfully produced in the country. While the other two types namely Isobutene-isoprene (butyl) Rubber (IIR) and Ethylene Propylene-non-conjugated Diene Rubber still rely entirely on imported supplies. Even up to now there has been no investors interested to invest in the field.

In line with the rapid advancement of the national economy, the demand for three types of synthetic rubber in the domestic market will continue to rise. Moreover, synthetic rubber products downstream industry has been able to meet the needs of the domestic market and also has successfully penetrated the export market.

This potential market encouraged BIZTEKA for further review regarding industry prospects and marketing of synthetic rubber in Indonesia. The industry Profile reviewed the development of synthetic rubber supply and demand in local market, the price and the market opportunity for a period of five years.