Industry & Marketing Prospect of UPSTREAM OLEFIN PETROCHEMICAL in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of UPSTREAM OLEFIN PETROCHEMICAL In Indonesia, As a result the production capacity of ethylene and propylene by the existing plant is not able to meet the needs of the domestic market. As a result, until now Indonesia still continues to import ethylene and propylene in large enough quantities. Even butadiene production capacity over domestic consumption, up to now still continue to import.

In the future the demand for upstream olefins (ethylene, propylene and butadiene) are projected to continue to rise, following the development of downstream industries based – upstream olefin in the country. Moreover, the current product-based olefin upstream of downstream industries is not only to meet domestic market demand, but also for export markets where demand is likely to increase.

Seeing the large potential of olefin upstream market and continuously growing push BIZTEKA to further review regarding the Prospect of Industry and Marketing upstream olefin in Indonesia. This industry profile reviews the development of the supply and demand of ethylene, propylene and butadiene in Indonesia as well as market opportunities during the next five years.