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Industry & Marketing Prospects of CALCIUM CARBONATE In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospects of CALCIUM CARBONATE In Indonesia, During this period calcium carbonate production grew at an average of 3.9% per year. In 2013 calcium carbonate production was recorded at 202,429 tons, which then increased to 224,923 tons in 2016 and is predicted to increase again to 244,583 tons in 2018.

Domestic calcium carbonate industry has been around for a long time, players in the industry include PT Omya Indonesia, PT Dwi Selo Girimas, PT Bumi Kencana Murni Chemical Industry, PT Finexco Prima, PT Supersonic Chemical Industry and others. Even new players have sprung up to enliven the competition.

The growth of the calcium carbonate industry is inseparable from the large potential of abundant raw materials and spread in several provinces in the country. Moreover, current producers have the ability to process quality raw materials required by industry.

The problem is that local producers have not been able to meet all domestic market demand, especially for light types, imports must be carried out with increasing volumes. This condition is worsened by free trade.

Seeing this condition, the government continues to provide facilities for industry, especially in taxation and investment. The government also encourages entrepreneurs to increase their production capabilities, especially in terms of quality. Moreover, the government has set the chemical industry as one of the five manufacturing sectors that will be a pilot in the implementation of industry 4.0 in Indonesia.

This fact encourages BIZTEKA to review further the Industrial Prospects and Industry Marketing of Calcium Carbonate in Indonesia and its prospects on the international market.

The Industrial Profile data of Calcium Carbonate is obtained from interviews with producers, chemical distributors and calcium carbonate use industries as primary data. While secondary data is obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) and the data bank at BIZTEKA – PT Citra Cendekia Indonesia (CCI).