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Industry & Marketing Prospects of PLASTIC RESIN In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospects of PLASTIC RESIN In Indonesia, The plastics industry in Indonesia actually is potentially promising both in domestic and foreign markets. This industry has close linkages with other industries such as the food packaging industry, cosmetics, electronics, plastic pipe, household appliances, automotive and others. The development of this industry will automatically push the plastic resin industry development in the country. Although the plastic resin can be produced in the country, imports are still continously done.

Indonesia still imports plastic resins from various countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and so on. This is due to the limited production capacity of the plastic resin existing plant, making it difficult to press the import

There is a type of plastic resin which its production capacity is already above the local market demand, so it can be exported. At the time of sluggish domestic market, the export is done to obtain a higher profit margin.

In Indonesia plastic resin industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Of the four types of plastic resins ( PE, PP, PVC, PS ) reviewed in this report

All those four plastic resins arefurther process from the olefins and aromatics upstream. Olefin upstream for example produces ethylene, propylene and butadiene. Further processing of ethylene produce a variety of polyethylene products such as high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene. Ethylene also produce raw materials PVC plastic resin. While the upstream propylene olefin can produce polypropylene ( PP ).

The above phenomenon encourages BIZTEKA to further discuss the prospects of the industry and marketing of plastic resin in Indonesia. This special report also discusses the development of plastic resin supply and demand in local market, price and market opportunities in Indonesia in the next five years.