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Industry & Marketing Prospects of SODA ASH In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospects of SODA ASH In Indonesia, Demand for soda ash in the domestic market until 2018 is quite large, with an average consumption of about 900 thousand tons per year. The high level of soda ash consumption in the local market is inseparable from the development of downstream industries such as glassware industry (sheet glass, glassware and glass bottles), detergent industry, water glass industry, Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STPP) and other downstream soda ash industries.

But unfortunately until the year 2018 this chemical has not been produced domestically. All needs for local industries are still imported. The establishment of the factory was actually done by several companies, but failed to be realized. Demand for soda ash in the domestic market is large and is projected to increase for the next five years.

Given the high demand for soda ash in the domestic market and on the other hand, no investor has succeeded in realizing the project, BIZTEKA is interested to discuss the prospect of industry and soda ash marketing in Indonesia. The Industry Profile Report will also discuss the development of soda ash Supply and demand, prices and market prospects in the next five years.

The Industry Profile Report is composed based on two data sources; primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from interviews with soda ash distributor circles and the user industry. Secondary data were obtained from related government institutions such as the Ministry of Industry, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and data banks in BIZTEKA-PT. CCI