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Industry & Marketing Prospects of PACKAGING PAPER MATERIALS In Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospects of PACKAGING PAPER MATERIALS In Indonesia, paper packaging production was recorded at 4,11 million tons, which then increased to 4,31 million tons the following year. In 2016 national paper packaging production increased again to 4,54 million tons

The paper packaging industry is one industry that continues to grow and develop along with the growth of industry in a country. This is due to the fact that most of the manufacturing and consumer goods industries, especially the food beverage industry, footwear industry, electronics, and the household appliances industry use paper packaging in product promotion.

The Corrugated Cardboard Indonesia Industry Association (PI CCI) even stated that the packaging business in the country will continue to increase because it is supported by a large population of Indonesia and a growing middle-class economy.

From the industry side, domestic paper packaging producers began to expand their business into the packaging industry. In addition, the interest of foreign investors to establish cooperation with companies in the country is still quite high. Even recently a company from Japan established a partnership with a domestic paper company to establish a paper packaging factory.

So it is not surprising that at present the level of competition is getting tougher, because there are quite a lot of companies involved in this business, ranging from those with large, medium to small capitals. But what is interesting is that it does not reduce demand for middle and small industries.

Other homework is the price of paper raw materials that continue to rise if the value of the rupiah weakens against US dollars (US$), not to mention Imported products that flood the market.