Study on Industry and Market Prospect of NATURAL RUBBER in Indonesia, 2023

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Study on Industry and Market Prospect of NATURAL RUBBER in Indonesia, Indonesia, with an annual production averaging 3.2 million tons of natural rubber, is the world’s second largest producer of that commodity. The worlds’ largest producer of natural rubber is Thailand, although, Indonesia has the largest rubber plantations, which total 3.7 million hectares or around 1.5 times larger than those of Thailand. The country’s rubber plantations could still be easily expanded by utilizing empty and unproductive lands but suitable for rubber crops, and by replanting or revitalizing abandoned plantations owned by farmers.

Natural rubber is a strategic commodity contributing to Indonesia’s economy. It is a major export commodity with considerable contribution to the country’s export earning. The impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which began to hit the country early 2020 has put a brake on the country’s economic development in the past three years. The country’s earning from the exports of natural rubber shrank during the troubled years. Economic contraction and slow-down suffered by many rubber consuming countries has caused the decline in the exports of natural rubber from Indonesia.

Low productivity and delay in replanting of rubber plantations makes Indonesia lagging behind Thailand in production. Many of the country’s rubber plantations with rubber trees already exceeding 25 years in age, especially those of farmers, need replanting. The country’s rubber plantations are dominated by those of smallholders. Only a small part belongs to large private plantation and state-owned plantation companies.

PT. Citra Cendekia Indonesia, an independent business consultant, has years of experience in carrying out business and market studies, feasibility studies, and various surveys, publishing industrial directories with business information and data that would be vitally important for business expansion and new investors in facing tight business competition.

PT CCI has come out again with the latest study report about the prospects of NATURAL RUBBER market and industry based on comprehensive surveys in 2023. The study report presents data about developments of Indonesian natural rubber supply and demand in the period of 2018-2022. Data about developments of supply are related to the size of rubber plantations by owners and regions, the country’s production of natural rubber and developments of imports of that commodity.

Data about development of natural rubber demand are related to exports of that commodity in the period of 2018-2022, and domestic consumption mainly for tire industry, rubber glove industry, sport shoes industry, mechanical rubber goods, and other user industries as well as projection of consumption of natural rubber in the following five years (2023-2027)
The study report also presents the government policy that includes investment in natural rubber sector and imports as well as distribution system and prices of that commodity.

The study report is made complete with enclosed DIRECTORY/ PROFILES OF 194 RUBBER COMPANIES IN INDONESIA operating in natural rubber sector including manufacturing industries and products.

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