The Opportunities Business Study on HOT ROLLED COIL in Indonesia

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The Opportunities Business HOT ROLLED COIL in Indonesia

Indonesia has been able to produce Intermediate Steel and Downstream Steel (HRC & Plate, CRC/sheet, welded pipe, seamless pipe, galvanized sheet, tin plate/tin free steel, bar, large and medium section, wire rod). However, the existing capacity is not sufficient yet to meet domestic’s requirement. Hence, Indonesia must import almost 50% of national steel consumption. For instance, in 2018, the consumption increased at 7% from the previous year to be 14.5 million tons.

On the other hand, production of Hot Rolled Coil/HRC & Plate in 2014 at 3.59 million tons,

increased to 4,59 million tons in 2018 or grown by an average of 7.1% per year.

Additional, the amount of HRC/Plate export in 2014 at 395,996 tons went up to 671,708 tons in 2018 or at an average growth of 14.7% per year.

Such is a small excerpt from the business study. Cosidering the HRC/Plate’s roll againt development of infrastructure, automotive, shipbuilding industry and others, so P.T. Citra Cendekia Indonesia (P.T. CCI) is interested in conducting the comprehensive study on HOT ROLLED COIL (HRC) business opportunities in Indonesia, For more detail, please look at the List of Content.