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The Profile of BIG MANUFACTURING COMPANIES In Indonesia, 2020

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In 2019, Indonesia recorded a slow down in its economic development. That year, the country’s economic growth shrank to 5.02 percent from 5.17 percent in the previous year. The manufacturing industry remained the driving engine with the largest contribution of 0.8 percentage point to the country’s economic growth rate in 2019, followed by the trade sector with a contribution of 0.61 percentage point and the construction sector with a contribution of 0.58 percentage point.

The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) based on current prices reached Rp15,833.9 trillion in 2019 or a growth of 6.72% slowing down from a growth of 9.2% in 2018. In 2019, the contribution of the manufacturing industry reached Rp3,119.3 trillion or 19.7% up from Rp2,947.3 trillion (19.86%) in 2018. The sector remained the biggest contributor to the GDP, followed by the trade sector with a contribution of 13.01% and the agricultural sector with a contribution of iaround 12.72%.

In the following years the sector of manufacturing industry remained and is predicted to continue to have big contribution to the country’s economy. Therefore, the prospects are still good for business in the manufacturing sector

P.T. Citra Cendekia Indonesia (P.T. CCI) has published a directory “The Profile of The BIG MANUFACTURING COMPANIES in Indonesia, 2020”, giving data and information about business players in the manufacturing sector in the country, This directory shows 1035 company profiles

Business Sector :
Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Lubricant Oil, Rubber Product, Machinery, Shipbuilding,
Sypyard, Energy, Metal, Building construction, Pipe, Cement, Chemical, Electronic Plastic and Etc

The profiles of the companies are as follows:
– Name of Companies
– Fuel Address by Head office and Factory
– Date of Establishment
– Legal Status
– Category
– P e r m i t s
– Lines of Business
– Production Capacity
– Shareholders
– Capitalization
– Total Investment
– B a n k e r s
– Started Operation
– Total Employees
– Supervisory Board (Chairman or Vice Chairman)
– Board of Management (President Director or Director)
– Associated Companies
– And Remark

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