The Prospect of CEMENT INDUSTRY in Indonesia


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The Prospect of Cement Industry in Indonesia,

Indonesian Cement Industry Cement industry in Indonesia has expanded from year to year both in number of factories and production capacity as well as in production. In the past several years, cement requirement in the country has increased sharply to follow the growing property and infrastructure sectors.

Per capita consumption of cement in Indonesia was recorded at 200 kg, placing the country lagging behind other countries. Per capita consumption in some ASEAN countries already reached more than 300 kg. The condition prompted PT Citra Cendekia Indonesia (CCI) to carry out a study on the prospect of cement industry in Indonesia in the next five years.

Prospek Industri Semen di IndonesiaThe study is aimed at giving a general but clear description of development of cement industry in Indonesia in the past several years, at five years (. The study covers the profiles of producing companies, production, imports and exports, marketing system and consumption by areas.

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