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Prospect Industry And Market of SOYBEAN in Indonesia
Bizteka Business Journal-052/February/2020

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Soybean is the most popular source of vegetable protein for Indonesian people in general. Its main consumption in the form of tempe and tofu is a main side dish for Indonesian people. Other forms of soy products are soy sauce, tauco, and soy milk. This product is consumed by the majority of Indonesian people, the average soybean needs per year is 3.2 million tons. Ironically, 72,5% of the soybean needs must be imported because domestic production is unable to meet the demand of tempe and tofu producers. Indonesia is the largest tofu-producing country in the world and is the largest soybean market in Asia.

Yellow soybeans, the raw material of tempe and tofu, are not tropical plants so the yield is always lower than the yields in Japan and China. Breeding and domestication have not yet succeeded in completely changing the photosensitive nature of white soybeans. On the other hand, non-photosensitive black soybeans receive less attention in breeding although adaptation is more suitable for Indonesia.

Its large market potential has encouraged Bizteka to further review the Prospects of the Soybean Plant Industry in Indonesia. This industry profile is compiled based on two sources, namely primary and secondary data. Primary data was obtained from the results of Bizteka’s interviews with soybean farmers and the user industry. While secondary data was obtained from relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Statistics Agency and the data bank at Bizteka-CCI.

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