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Prospect of MOLASSES DOWNSTREAM CHEMICAL Industry in Indonesia

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Prospect of MOLASSES DOWNSTREAM CHEMICAL Industry in Indonesia, Molasses downstream chemical industry is growing rapidly in the country due to the abundant supply of raw materials. Even three commodities including industrial namely lysine, glutamic acid and ethanol, its production capacity is already far above the local market demand so that all three are not only able to meet the local market demand, but also has successfully penetrated the export market in various countries.

BIZTEKA projected that future downstream chemical industry molasses – lysine, glutamic acid and ethanol – have bright prospects for development. Besides the demand tends to increase, the supply of raw materials such as molasses are still abundant.

This potential encourage BIZTEKA to review about the prospects of downstream chemical industry molasses in Indonesia. The report reviews the development of the supply and demand of downstream industries molasses, price and market prospects during the next five years.

The report is based on interviews with molasses downstream chemical producers, distributors and industrial users as primary data. While secondary data obtained from government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Investment Coordinating Board, the Indonesian Sugar Association as well as the bank data of BIZTEKA-CCI.