Study on the Business Prospect of HOUSING DEVELOPMENT In Indonesia,
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Study on the Business Prospect of HOUSING DEVELOPMENT In Indonesia,
As the forth world biggest population, Indonesia now has some 250 million of people, in which added about some 3 million people yearly. The huge number indeed needs either in a large number or livable housing.

With regard to the phenomenon, P.T. Citra Cendekia Indonesia (CCI) – an independent business consultant company – is interested in providing a comprehensive study on the business prospect of housing development in Indonesia.

Based on the study, on the whole, the number of houses which are going to be built by the community, developer and government in 2017 projected to 599,756 units, increased to 738,267 units in 2021. Therefore, projection of the house supply will increase at 5.33% per year averagely.

By the PT CCI’s projection, in 2017, Indonesia will suffer shortage of the house supply at 119,678 units and the trend will be going down up to 18,090 units in 2021.

Based on residential concept from Perpres No. 1 tahun 2015 tentang RPJMN 2015-2020 recorded that the backlog number in 2014 was 7.6 million units. Meanwhile, based on P.T. CCI’s research said the backlog number in 2015 was 265,287 units and in 2016 was 118,129 units, therefore accumulatively, the backlog number increased to 7.89 million units in 2016.

Based on the above description, the business prospect of housing development in Indonesia has a huge prospect to overcome the backlog that has still more than 8 million units. The backlog mainly plain house is disposed of to lower income community.

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