Study On Business Prospect of TOLL ROAD In Indonesia, 2014-2018


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Study On Business Prospect of TOLL ROAD In Indonesia, 2014-2018

The comprehensive study titled  “Study on the Business Prospect of TOLL ROAD in Indonesia, 2014-2020”. Base on the study, revealed that up to 2013 the length of toll road operated commercially in Indonesia has reached 797.6 km long. The operators of toll road comprise of P.T. JASA MARGA managed 589 km (74%), private companies managed 203 km (25%) and the remaining or some 5.4 km long (1%) managed by East Java Regional Government.

Besides that, the volume of vehicles crossing the toll road for the last five years increased at average of 10% per year of 1.2 billion in 2009 to be 1.75 billion of vehicles in 2013. The fastest development volume of vehicles tasted by P.T. JASA MARGA at average of 10% per year followed by private companies at 8.8% per year.

The length of toll road was projected to keep going up to 2018 1,131 km long. It shall be happened because of in 2014 there shall be an addition of new toll road some 232 km, so the length of toll road at the time shall be at 1,030 km long. Then, in 2016 shall increase at some of 90 km and in 2017 shall amount at some 11 km long. If it is projected, the performance of toll road in Indonesia for next five years seen by vehicles volume and revenue so, the vehicles volume crossing on the toll road shall increase at average of 9,3% per year and revenue rate shall go up at some of  10.6% per year.

There are some conclusions of the study that can be a guidance for candidate investors or the companies engaging in the toll road and its supporting sectors to increase their roles in the futures. The highlight of the study can be seen in the following below.