Study on The Export Prospect of CPO PKO & OLEOCHEMICAL, 2013-2018

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Study on The Export Prospect of CRUDE PALM OIL, PALM KERNEL OIL & OLEOCHEMICAL, 2013-2018

The business study which reveals that target of CPO production at 40 million tons  in  2020 will be reached even though has a lot of obstacles such as limited concession maximum as 100,000 ha by a group and moratorium policy for a new permit in the plantation enterprise in the peat land and forestry conversion. The study also unveils that up to 2012. Even P.T. CCI projected Indonesian CPO and PKO up to the end of 2013 has amounted at 35 million tons.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Oleochemical Industry has been also growing as an implication by the government policy on downstream of palmoil through oilpalm industry clustering. Since than, the Indonesian oleochemical producers keep increasing and up to 2013 was estimated at some of 64 companies with the total production capacity at some of 3.78 million tons per year.

The impact in growing on the oleochemical producers also pushed up its production, such as in 2012 the total production of oleochemical was estimated up to 2.41 million tons consisting of fatty acid at 1.61 million tons, fatty alcohol at 361,961 tons and glycerol or glycerine at some of 432,711 tons. In 2013, the total production was estimated to be 2.89 million tons. ITC Calculation data revealed that some of 11.98 million tons as the world’s demand in 2012, around 18.99% or 2.51 million tons was supplied by Indonesia. Whereas, Malaysia contributed at 19.53% or 2.58 million tons means declining compared to the previous years. In 2012, Indonesia – Malaysia have a role at some 38.52% or 5.09 million tons on the world’s demand. The rest was supplied from the Netherlands at some of 1.5 million tons (12.6%) and Germany at 1.04 million tons (8.68%) and others.
The Indonesia contribution was estimated to keep increasing in 2013 and onward. The world demand on oleochemical (fatty acid, fatty alcohol and glycerol)in 2013 was estimated to increase to be 14.06 million ton and keep growing to be 18.63 million tons in 2018 or the CAGR growth rate at 4.89% per year. For more detailed, the List of Content of the study is enclosed.