Study on the Business Prospect of FISHERY in Indonesia
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Study fishery in Indonesia

Study Fishery in Indonesia

The comprehensive study titled “Study on the Business Prospect of FISHERY in Indonesia 2014” unveils that Indonesia is the biggest islands state in the world and has a marine that is wide enough reaching about 5.8 million km2. The archipelagic waters/sea of Indonesia has about 2.3 million km2, territorial waters along the 0.8 million km. With some 17 thousand islands and has a coastline along the 100,000 km which is the second longest in the world after Canada.

Looking the condition and great potential that owned by Indonesia in the fishery sector besides of requesting by our loyal clients therefore, PT. CITRA CENDEKIA INDONESIA endeavors to make in-depth research to know in real terms of phenomenon in the sector.

The study on Business Prospect of FISHERY in Indonesia, records that in 2008 – 2013, the domestic production of fish increased at 8.5% per year from 6.7 million tons to some 10.1 million tons. Meanwhile, the value of production increased at 11.7% in average from Rp. 79.8 trillion to some Rp. 135.4 trillion. In the mean time, the fish catches production development rate was slower at only 4% per year compares to 20% per year of cultivation fish development rate. Nevertheless, the catches fish has more proportion which was 59% (6 million tons) in 2013 than cultivation fish at 41% (4.1 million tons).

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