Study on STEEL INDUSTRY and Prospect in Indonesia, 2012


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Study on STEEL INDUSTRY and Prospect in Indonesia, 2012
The study which is analyzed the market and industry prospect of Steel in Indonesia, 2013-2017. For instance,  Some prospective down-stream of steel products namely Hot-Rolled Sheets & Strips have market potential at some 3.1 million ton in 2017. Further more, Plate has some 1.1 milllion ton and Cold-Rolled Sheets & Strips (CRC) have some 1.6 million ton of market potential in the same year.

In the other hand, if being assumed that Pig Iron is used only for Seamless Pipe production, there will be  an over supply of Pig Iron starting from 2015 because of its production capacity shall be at 1.5 million ton per annum yet its consumption has just only some 750,000 ton.

Nevertheless, if Sponge Iron as basic material ought to supply Billet and Slab’s needs, so there will be a deficit some 8.5 million ton in 2017. The Billet and Slab consumption will be at 11.8 million ton in 2017 as production capacity of Sponge Iron have only 3.2 million ton, so there will be a deficit in Sponge supply at total of 8.5 million ton if Scrap is not included.

The above pictures of the prospect of Iron & Steel which are covered in the study would be very interesting that hopefully could be a guidance to increase the roll of the engaged and supporters in the industry.

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