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We are the problem solvers, the thinkers, the creators, the planners and practitioners who work together to make everything better we combine our skills and insights with those of our clients, using the power of partnerships to think, design and develop creative solutions together.

Provide Engineering and Consultant services but we also expertise in providing construction work. We can do extraordinary things to change the process desired by clients, both in the scope of engineering services, consultants service and as a contractor who carried out the desired project work.

Our company are diverse enough to bring a wide range of perspectives, skill and disciplines to every client and every challenge. Our team that understands the power of working together to bring resourceful, smart solutions f rom our collective experience and insights.

Citra Cendekia Indonesia

SS Silo Tank with Jacketed Coils, 45m3, Equipped with Heat Trace, Side Agitator, Automatic Valves, Level, Thermo Control.

Client : Rich Products Manufacturing

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Relocating Filling Lines which include Filling machine, capping machine, conveyors

Client : Indokuat

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Batch Process Automation on Mixing Vessel Pairs which include sanitary piping on the raw materials feeding to mixing vessel, automation feeding and processing by PLC for cosmetics production.

Client : Cussons Indonesia

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Engineering CIP Skid – Food Grade, Equipped Air Blow and Sanitizer Automatic System, Flow rate 400L/ min,, Steam Heating Unit.

Client : Rich Products Mfg. Indonesia

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Steel Structure for Reactor include Relocating Existing Reactor and Distillate

Client : Sarana Daya Plasindo

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Install L VMDB and cabling, include HVAC and gas surpression and alarm

Client : Cussons Indonesia

 Citra Cendekia Indonesia Seaweed Processing Equipments Intallation which
include installation of the Seaweed Dryer Machine
and the Seaweed Milling Machines, Steel Structure,
Ducting, and Eletrical Wiring.Client : Hydrocolloid Indonesia
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