The commitment of various countries including Indonesia to overcoming global warming and climate change and the signing of the Paris Agreement on increasing the use of New and Renewable Energy, has resulted in growing use of wood pellets as one of the sources of New and Renewable Energy among many sources of clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric power plant (PLTA) The use of wood pellets as a source of New and Renewable Energy is believed could help improve the quality of air from one with the use of fossil energy including energy from coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Consumption of wood pellet is growing fast in Europe to follow the commitment of the European Union announced in 2020 to using more sources of New and Renewable Energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The commitment is the main driver to boost wood pellet consumption.

Indonesia is still lagging far behind many countries in wood pellet marketing in the world. In West Europe, which is the largest wood pellet market in the world, Indonesia has virtually failed to grab a market share. Even in South Korea and Japan, Indonesia has made no progress in expanding wood pellet market. Indonesia has only a 5% share of the export markets in the two East Asian countries.


This business study report gives descriptions of Wood Pellet and its opportunity In Indonesia up to Global Market.

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