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Industry & Marketing Prospect of FISHERY in Indonesia

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Industry & Marketing Prospect of FISHERY In Indonesia, With abundant marine resources, fisheries sector is one of the important resources for the community and has the potential to be a driver of the national economy. Indonesia as the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia containing abundant fisheries and marine resources potentialy to be used as the foundation of economic development based on natural resources.

By looking at the existing potential, opportunities for business development of marine and fisheries actually have good prospects. Butin reality such potential is not optimized in terms of both utilization and management of natural resources. Even Indonesia is still inferior to Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the USA and Denmark which vast oceans far less compared to Indonesia.

The emergence of various constraints faced by both upstream and downstream make the existing potential has not been optimal. One of the obstacles that has broad impact is limited fishing vessels and lack of equipment. As a result Indonesian fishery production is still low and the fishery -based industries such as fish processing industry can not develop as expected. Another obstacle is still the lack of investor interest in the fisheries sector.

If Indonesia successfully work on the fisheries sector, it could become the world’s number one producer. Therefore it is not only able to meet the domestic needs, but also to increase exports of fisheries and fishery products to many countries.

The above conditions encourage BIZTEKA to discuss the prospects ofindustry and marketing of fisheries in Indonesia. This special report also discusses the development of the fisheries supply and demand in local market, price and market opportunities in Indonesia in the next five years